It always bothers me when I agree with Cramer because I know how wrong he has been and lost so many people so much money. Just check out this article he wrote about the giant merger between AOL and Time Warner, or check out this one, where he wrote that the merger would save the tape, or this one where he talked about the new must own stock. It is hard to believe that someone who was so caught up in the internet bubble could be so influential only a few years later.


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Screamer is a very charasmatic guy. No one can deny that. It was very hard for me to learn that he can not be trusted and not listen to him. First, I stopped reading him for about 2 years these last couple years. I found that I started making way more money, and when I now occasionaly read him or most of the other people on "Real$", the quality of their journalism just doesn't measure up. There are so many other great financial news outlets out there, WSJ.com, Marketwatch, MInyanville, etc. Why put that much weight on what a screaming bozo says?

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First thoughts count more.

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