Futures traded higher on the jobs number, sold off before the open, ripped higher on the open and now are trading a bit lower, so maybe the return of volatility is upon us.

Anyhow, the DJIA is -18, NAZ-5 and SPX -1.5.

Leading sectors include oils, metals and internets while semis, airlines, biotech, drugs, trannies and tech lag.

Market internals are red 500 on the NYSE and red 600 on the NAZ, so not so looking so great for an up day. On the stock specific list, GS GOOG and APPL are all higher so hmmm. Also, interesting to note that half the DJIA components are trading green.

I am watching the semis as the key tell today. If they can get some mojo in light of the bad news out of the sector, the markets will probably flip the green switch.


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