Markets continue to trade higher into the noon hour with the NAZ and tech the star performers.

The DJIA is +44, NAZ +27 and SPX +6.

Strongest sectors are tech, semis, internets, brokers, retail, drugs homies and large growth. Weakest are oils and metals.

Lots of strength today in the internals as the NDX has about 90 winners and 10 losers, OEX more than 65 winners and the SPX with about 335 up and 165 down. Overall the NYSE has 700 net gainers and the NAZ has about 750 net winners.

Noteable winners include SUNW CTXS YHOO GLW ADBE EBAY NVDA GOOG and CSCO. Biggest losers include SIRI XMSR ROK NSC MCD XOM PTEN and GD.

In light of the strength in the NAZ, brokers, semis and the market index internals, it may be one of those days to make a bigger bet than usual. Remember also, the DJIA is about 30 points from another new high and I don't believe there is much of a question that it will be taken out before long.


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