Markets continue to trade mixed with the R2K/NAZ/MDY in the green while the DJIA trades red as big cap stocks like HPQ CAT DD MCD UTX WMT MSFT and other large cap growth names continue to trade heavy.

Market internals, another story, as the NYSE has 550 net green and the NAZ +230.

Interesting also as the NDX 100 has about 60 in the green while the SPX/OEX combo has about 50% each way.

Sectors trading up include metals, silvers, real estate, oils, semis, internets, small cap value and financials while gaming, airlines, homies, retail, biotech and trannies trade in the red.

The market internals lead me to believe that the markets have a little rally for the longs later in the day as the "they can't get em down" crowd comes in and buys the market.


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