Market open higher with the big caps again the out performers. The SPX is +8, DJIA +69, NAZ+10, RUT +2 and MIDs +2.5.

Strong sectors include oils, brokers, silvers, software, retail, internets, small cap growth and tech; laggard include real estate, airlines, trannies, semis and biotechs.

Key stocks generally green led by GS NYX MS MER BSC C XTO XOM PEP GE AAPL INTC TIF and AMGN. Red stocks include NMX MA BAM SLG JOE KLAC MSFT SNDK GILD SYK WYNN LVS and INFY.

Market internals are flattish on the NYSE and NAZ while the big cap indexes are very green with the OEX 3/1 green while the NDX is 2/1 green to red.

IBD 100 stocks also about 2/1 green to red with AQNT VCLK RRST PCLN BWLD TNH and IDSA leading and HURC DSX SYNL UEIC ACH TWIN TEX and GES.

The SPX record close of 1,527 is only about 7 points away and will probably not be tagged until next week. I have been suggesting a long position in the SPX futures for quite some time in anticipation of the tag and it seems like it was the right call.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you expect after 1527~1530 reached? Big toilet flush? :)

11:18 AM  

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