Markets have ramped up on the heels of good beige book news and lower interest rates; and some over sold market conditions. Notice also that the small/mid caps have taken the lead from the big caps. Could indicate we go higher from here.

Also note how the internals were strong all morning even though the major indexes almost sold down to the flat line. Opposite of yesterday when the markets crawled back to the flat line but the internals never moved higher.

Some numbers for buys or sales-

Major market indexes not near over bought territory as 2 day RSI's at/near 65;

TLT after going to a 2 day RSI of zero yesterday now up to 55;

GS up almost 2% and near an all time high with 2 day RSI at 91;

LEH up 2% and 2 day RSI 96;

NMX up 2.4% and 2 day RSI 96;

AAPL/GOOG down big since Kramer's call and now at 2 day RSI's of 5;

OIH/XLE a little below 52 week highs and 2 day RSI 75;

XTO a buck off all time high and 2 day RSI 81;

DIS at 2 day RSI of 1;


Anonymous Kyle said...

Hi David,

I am a novice at the markets. Curious to know how and where I can get info on market internals. Is there an index that tracks this info?

Apart from your comments on Kramer, I love your blog. It's the only one, as far as I know, that provides this kind of market info 3-4 times daily. Thank you.

4:11 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

Esignal/tradestation provide info on internals - and as for indexes such as NDX/OEX pop in all 100 components and sort em from best to worst- excellent way of "seeing" what is happening

4:45 PM  

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