So just as I type the bearish view the brokers/ selected tech gets a bid and the internals improve.

Ag sector- AG CNH MON MTW POT green while CAT BG DE continue to sell off;

Banks- mixed bag with C MA MTB STT green while AIB JPM WB red;

Brokers- BEN BSC BX GS LEH LM MER MS NMX NYX TROW all green while CME ICE NDAQ red- note MER hit a high near 95 in Jan and has sold off 15% since;

Biotech - generally red with the exception of yikes AMGN;

Consumers green with exception of MO;

Defense GREEN;

Gaming- GREEN;

Healthcare- green with the exception of DGX/COV/SNY;

Media- DJ continues to drip lower as the deal continues not to happen- I suspect it happens this week as the Bancrofts gather their senses;

Metals - red with the exception of BHP;

Oil service - green with the exception of HP;

Oils - red with the exception of CVX TSO XOM - XTO SU COP CNQ APC look like an area to dip;

Real estate- red as usual in spite of rates under 5%;

Retail- generally green with CROX PVH DECK KSS WFMI out performing;

Tech- generally green with SMH CSCO IBM MSFT NVDA RIMM SNDK TXN good and GOOG EBAY HHH MOT KLAC YHOO all red;

Up volume double down volume on the NYSE while the VXO is now down almost 7% and near its 10 day SMA;

One other thing- its a bull market and keep that on a post it near the screen-


Blogger Trickyricky said...

This is like musical chairs. I just hope I get a seat before the music stops.

12:54 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

Yes - tough day as the market is giving off lots of mixed signals

2:17 PM  

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