Markets are all over the board yet again as we the DJIA has flipped back to green and the NAZ/SPX continues to trade on both sides.
My take, watch big cap tech (AAPL GOOG BIDU RIMM VMW CSCO) and the breadth. The NYSE/NAZ internals show well over 1,700 net red and unless those numbers start to improve, the major indexes will probably disappoint the bulls at the close.
The brokers and banks again trading heavy and that won't help either as BAC C JPM MA MTB WB WFC BSC GS LEH LM MER and MS are all red.
Also, the area to watch on the NDX is the 2,025 level, support yesterday and the 50% retracement between the high on October 31, at 2,240 and the low on August 16, at 1,806.


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