Clearly the worst of times for the BSC shareholders as the firm is sold for a about $2 or .054 73 shares of JPM. And all the shrewd investors who bought the low on Friday near $30, well not so shrewd. Joe Lewis-not so clever on this one along with many others. The value of the entire firm deemed to be less than the value of the BSC building in Manhattan which was initially thought to be $1.2 Billion. The FED also to fund up to $30 Billion of BSC's less liquid assets.

And the FED lowered the rates by a quarter point which sent the futures initially ramping higher (NQ +30/ES +21) but now down 11 on ES and down 18 on NQ.

The EURO moving dramatically higher at 1.5757 to the dollar and the USD/JPY at 98.302.

GOOD LUCK to anyone who is trying to figure out now what the markets will do tomorrow.


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