A pretty whippy session as suspected but nothing like the overall moves of the markets over the last few days- check these numbers:

XBD 41% off its all time high but 31% off its low of July 15;

BKX 44% off its all time high and 30%+ off its recent low;

LVS - comical 65% off its all time high and 71% off its recent low from July 15;

NYX - 56% off its all time high and 31% off the low from July 15;

XLE - 20% off its recent high from about 20 days ago-

OIH - hit all time high near $230 and down a meager 20% from early July;

SPX 300 points off its all time high from last October and 80 points or almost 7% higher than its July 15 low;

My suspicion is the markets will calm and volatility will revert to more normal level- this is pretty nutty;


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