Very interesting day as Sarah Palin gets picked as the McCain VP - and the markets seem to be voting a big fat OH NO as the DJIA/SPX/NAZ give back almost all of yesterday's gains. Note the markets started tanking when the pick was confirmed by NBC.

Besides gaming, note the out performance by the financials as the BKX/GS /MER/MS all green- oils lower despite the talk of a major hurricane to hit the gulf early next week.

Sarah Palin- governor of Alaska (population 700,000) for almost two years, Mayor of Wasilla Alaska (population 6,700) four years, and avid hunter, fisherman and lover of Moose stew.

Not exactly sure how she fits in with McCain on "experience and judgement" but we will see- as one friend noted the following:

Since when does judgement and experience matter?

Well that is what McCain has been running on all year.

Well then he doesn't need it in a running mate.

Unless he doesn't make it through the four years.

Details Details!!!!!


Blogger tamworth said...

She's probably got more experience than your man running for the White House... ;) unless you count being a part-time (often absent) representative and "community organizer" cough, cough, as a "real" job...

And all the complaining the dems make about the Repubs being status quo, anti-women, etc...who picked the 65 year old white guy career politican as their running mate?


However, like most of the other Americans I'm hoping for a piece of the freebies that Obama is promising!!! Gimeeeeeeeeee!!!

4:42 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

Just too bad we can't get 4 more years of dubya-

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Fred said...

Correlation is not causation.

11:18 PM  

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