Another day in paradise as the market closes lower with the biggest carnage in the small caps and the value areas.

The SPX down 12, DJIA -131 and NAZ-33.

Strongest sectors included oils, metals,utils and steel while gaming, homies, banks, brokers and retail lagged.

NYSE- 1400 net losers;

NAZ- 1325 net losers;


VIX- higher by 2% at/near 21.35 and a whole 3% above the SMA 10;

GOLD higher by $14 at/near $820;

EURO 1.478;

CRUDE- $115 and over $2 higher on the day;

Markets still attached at the hip to the dollar and crude - or so it seems- SPX approaching the 50% retracement level with a close near 1265- only 10 points lower to go;

Its still about financials as they move so goes the market- and they are trading/rentals and now maybe approaching another short term bottom for a move higher as FED's are about to reinstate the "no naked shorting" rules.

As for this fish - I sold my DXD and will be watching in the morning for buy sell or watch as the RSI (2) levels hit the 10 level on most major indexes.

As for the dog in the picture- my guess is he comes in last in NY ratings - behind Kay and Francesa- other two much more listenable.


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