Barron's with some pretty good stuff this weekend- starting with Andrew Barry and his predictions for 2009:

Total return for the DJIA for 2009---- +40% according to Barry and a number at 12,001;

Battered emerging market equity to perform the best in 2009-------BRAZIL;

SPX sector to do the best----- TECH;

Biggest financial surprise - GOLD to close over $1,200;

Newspapers to make a big comeback;

Pandit to be gone at C;

ERTS to be taken out;

MS to be a big winner;

Worst performing DJIA stock-- HD;

Commodities to outperform;

GM files for bankruptcy;

Hillary doesn't survive the year as Secy of State;

Oil the top performing commodity;

The 30 year T Bond ends the year above 4%;

Some pretty surprising predictions from Barry but who would have guessed SPX 875 and crude under $40 for this year-
I don't see DJIA 12,000 , Hillary being out as SS but the other stuff seems logical- well newspapers- nah;

Mark Roberts at a short sellers research shop with some pretty good number for 2008- shorts for 2009:



DOGS of the DJIA - not doing so great of late as from the beginning of 2007, the kennel included C PFE MO GM VZ DD T HD JPM GE with yields ranging from 3.1% to 7.34% collectively were off about 42% as of last week- the 2009 canines include BAC GE PFE AA DD T VZ MRK JPM and KFT- all yielding between 4.32 and 9.31%.


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