Markets moved on up as my suspicion proved pretty good - financials still ugly led lower by WFC GE C BAC and JPM.

Sector strength - homies, shipping, biotech, internets, retail and drugs while gaming, banks and real estate lagged. RUT also struggled all day after being strong of late.

Breadth not so great as 640 net green on NYSE and 400 net green on the NAZ.

VIX- down by 5.5% at 43;

10 Year Treas - rate moving on up at 2.842% as money comes out of low risk and moves to higher risk -stocks.

RSI (2):

SPX 64


NAZ 71

NDX 75

Probably the end of the rally temporarily as folks start to think about the Friday jobs report and the ADP info.

Why did we rally today?

Dashle stepping out;

Republicans with another stimulus idea;

Coiled markets;


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