Markets closed near the lows as Whitney from Whitney co- scared us all with the C is worthless rant with Maria- well exactly how far does it have to fall to zero -thanks.

Anyhow, market internals started the day very green and ended very red- one big loser on the day GE - ugly at $10 and if that continues to fall - ugh.

I know that Dougie Kass is about as bullish as he gets with all kinds of bullish posts and a favorite long in SSO- a tough trade so far.

NYT just announces they are suspending their dividend- well at $3+ for a share - we know when that dividend is coming back.

Just wondering what will get us a decent rally and just can't come up with anything yet-so probably tomorrow- sold some TWM today- and will probably reload if this market ever does rally for a longer term trade.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We probably need a flush down to get some sort of rally going, it seems people are still catching knife as today's trade, no waterfall from the pass days trade activity... Maybe a big gap down tomorrow to get a rally going?

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, please sign this, anyone who does trading for a life, this bill is just stupid!


6:57 PM  

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