Its the weekend and a long one at that so some stuff-

Barrons telling us all how to fix the economic mess:

"IF PRESIDENT OBAMA AND TREASURY SECRETARY GEITHNER want to fix America's financial system and pull us out of recession, they should take $200 billion of "TARP" money and give it to banks and other institutions that hold subprime mortgages and related securities. The government would do this on the condition that the money be used to cut the principal amount of the nation's roughly $850 billion of subprime mortgages by about 25%. Monthly payments would be trimmed accordingly. This would give homeowners in the subprime category a better chance of repaying their mortgages, and in many cases it could put their principal amount below the current market value of their homes, reducing the temptation to walk away from their obligations. The plan helps the banks and other mortgage holders by giving them funds that could be used either to invest in the credit markets, make new loans or absorb the losses required to sell off the toxic subprime mortgage assets. Banks could also use the funds to offer relief to troubled borrowers who have prime mortgages. All of these activities would bolster the economy."

I think its a fine idea- but how many Republican votes would one get for this type of plan- my guess- about the same as voted for the current stimulus plan a few days ago.

Barrons also with some top dividend paying stocks to accumulate:

RAI 8.7%

EQ 7.8%

MO 7.7%

T 6.7%

VZ 6.2%

IGT 5.9%

MDP 5.9%

LO 5.7%

PPG 5.7%

BMY 5.5%

LLY 5.4%

MRK 5.2%

WHR 5.2%

HNZ 4.8%

JWN 4.7%

KFT 4.6%

KMB 4.6%

ETN 4.4%

PFE 4.4%

VFC 4.4%

The problem with the list is that many of the companies were probably on a similar list a few years ago when the dividend yield was a lot lower and the prices a lot higher.
In addition I bet some similar lists were printed elsewhere with names like GE JPM C BAC GM et al also looking like safe smart dividend plays.

Barry with the stimulus package explained;

BESPOKE on the sector winners and losers;

DR BRETT with some good daytrading stuff;

Finally- Farley from RM Columnist Conversation and his newsletter:

"all major indexes have printed weekly Stochastics crossovers at oversold levels, despite Friday's chop and slop session. This is a bullish signal that might herald the start of a bear market rally up to the three- month highs. At a minimum, the signals are warning us to avoid the short side, except for a few targeted plays, and to shake off our negativity for now.

Well ok - I think the NAZ/NDX is even in a slight up trend and on days when the DJIA out performs the markets, I would put on Long NAZ/NDX vs. Short DJIA.


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