Finally went back in time to see how some of the great investors of the last several years fared last year and this year:

One of Cramer's favorites Ken Heebner- not so good-

CGMFX - his focus fund finished last year down 48% and is already down about 15% this year- Morningstar still optimistic with a rating of 4 stars.

CGMRX - his real estate fund finished last year down 47% and is already down 29% after less than 3 months this year. Morningstar rating still at 5 stars- yikes.

Marty Whitman- the manager of the Third Ave Value fund down about 46% last year and about 9% this year - so not much value added their as about in line with the SPX. Morningstar has downgraded him to 3 stars FWIW.

The Fairholme fund FAIRX - run by Bruce Berkowitz down about 30% last year which actually wasn't too horrible but off 14% this year - not so great and still with 5 morningstar stars.

MDISX - one of the mutual series funds - doing about as well as can be expected - down about 1% this year and down about 27% last year - 5 stars from MORN.

MQIFX - down only 25% last year and off about 3% this year - pretty pretty good relative performance- 5 MORN stars.

Another big vote getter looking for the President to fail.

Tom Herman said to be calling it quits.

US Equities overvalued?;

RSI (2) levels for tomorrow:

SPX 67

NAZ 62

NDX 59

RUT 65


So the midday dip alleviated some of the over bought conditions- and lots of support underneath at/near 800 and the SMA 50 at 792.


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