Markets moving down after a higher open and the biggest loser - the NAZ- FWIW- SPX also trading down as GE WFC JPM XLF all having bad days.

Strongest areas- drugs, utils, ags and metals while shipping, real estate, gaming, banks and trannies lag.

NYSE- 1,000 net losers;

NAZ- 730 net losers;


VIX - a bit higher at 44.35;

TRIN- 1.04- down volume about double the up;

Gold down $4 at $956;

RSI (2) levels - already down in the 30's on the major indexes - remember this is still an ugly downtrend.

Looked like a choppy day at the open - but down we go with the next support area for the SPX at 775- of course next week we could see 735 as that is half way between the 666 low and the 800 high.


Blogger Rick Sommer said...

Is foto the Snack Bar on north fork?

4:06 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

No - its a restaurant in Amagansett - very famous "The Lobster Roll"

5:06 PM  

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