Markets closed at the highs as all the bad news from yesterday and this morning seems so far away- SPX +17.5 and NAZ +35.6.

Strong sectors- banks, real estate, brokers, homies and energy while metals, drugs and biotech lagged.

NYSE- 1760 net green;

NAZ- 1350 net green;

NDX/OEX- about 80% green;

VIX- down 5% at 37.3;

TRIN- .55 with up volume about 7x the down and fairly heavy at 1.6B + shs traded;

ES continues to move higher in the after markets as the highs from a few days ago come back on the radar- SPX 875- although lots of work to do between now and there about 20+ points.

Earnings tomorrow from MS and that will be interesting - sell the news? Probably- and got long some IYR in the final hour for a day trade and that thing trades like a 3X ETF even though its a single- and a fun trade.


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