A choppy day to say the least as most on the stockstwits.com site seem to have had some trouble making some dough today- the fish - also with some losses on an early QLD trade and a small winner on IYR.

SPX -2.5 and NAZ -6 while the DJIA was -8.

Strongest sectors- biotech, real estate, telecom, small caps and retail while metals, fins, energy and homies lagged.

NYSE flat internals while the NAZ had about 400 more winners than losers.

VIX- flattish at 38;

TRIN 1.6 while the down volume was a little ahead of up while overall volume was very light.

In the middle of the range yet again with the RSI (2) numbers at near 50 on most major indexes- hopefully we can trend one way or another for the next three days of the week.


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