Futures are trading higher yet again as over seas markets trend up- NQ Futures +5, ES +4 and YM +36- Gold and crude also trading in the land of green.

Ticker Sense with some fine analysis on what is working and how much it is working;

Ken Lewis resignation rumors swirling and this may be one of the reasons why;

Steve Forbes on Squawk this morning with his usual reasons for why markets are down- blaming the usual suspects- short sellers, regulation and M2M- anything but analysis of the fundys;

The future of the +TICK rules ;

The FED from yesterday;
Barrons looking at the end of the rally;

Technically market looks like it has room to run to the SPX 845 area for now and that 815 level looks like huge support -

And has anyone ever seen this fellow Michael Parness who advertises all day on CNBC actually interviewed- anywhere- he claims he has been everywhere but I have never seen him anywhere except on his CNBC commercials - booyah CNBC.


Blogger spinman said...

Re: Michael Parness: maybe you need to watch more TV. Michael has appeared on FOX national twice in just the past few weeks. Also quoted in the Wall Street Journal last week. We ought to know. We're his PR firm, TransMedia Group www.transmediagroup.com

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