Markets starting to look like a bull again- checking the sectors that should be getting us off the bottom the quickest from March 6 close:

SOX +29%

XLK +22.4%

XLB +29.4%

BKX +65%

XBD +48.2%

XLF +56.8%

IYF +49.4%

IAI +41%

RLX +37%

XRT +35%

And the laggqards should be:

XLP +10.7%

DRG +8.2%

XLU +12.8%

CMR +19%

SPX +23.3%

NDX +23.6%

DJIA +21%

So looks like things are playing out the way they should for a new bull - semis, tech, retail and fins leading while drugs and consumer staples lag.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Semi (SMH) on daily chart look like a BIG rising bear flag, that's all... it would try to do a rounded bottom reversal (a big round bottom), but I think most likely, if that's the case, IT WILL FAIL! And when rounded bottom fail, look out below... We are not in a new bull market, no way, too much debt and AMERICA IS DESTINE TO FAIL!

11:41 AM  

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