A bit bizarre today as the markets seemed to respond to the movement of interest rates - except when the mark up folks started their afternoon work - and it looks like they forgot to mark up the small caps.

Here are the futures as I type:

NQ +15;

ES +13;

YM +88;

TF (rut2k) flat;

Strongest sectors- energy, metals, banks, brokers and real estate while homies, retail, ags, biotech and small caps lagged.

NYSE- almost twice as many up down;

NAZ- 200 net green;


SPX - 355 GREEN;

VIX- down 2% at 31.67;

Dollar index - up a hair at 80.58;

Gold - closed at $958;

Silver- closed at $15.15;

The 10 year bond rate unchanged at the close at 3.67% although some moves during the day;

A good day for the fish as I had a nice SSO trade and bought DBA to hold for a longer time frame- and definitely will agree with Dougie Kass that today was lots of marking up from the folks who do that kind of thing- just not sure why they didn't want to mark up small caps or non big cap tech-

Oh well - expecting a choppy day tomorrow and not much marking up - pretty much done for the month.

GM apparently going 11 on Monday so hopefully those folks buying now at $1 plus sell to a less shrewd investor;

The Einhorn big bets;

Jason with a range analysis;

Buy and Hold - surprisingly bullish - like they weren't every year since 1982;

Love the Cheney and wow republicans think he is on TV a bit too much;


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