Markets are chopping around to slightly lower this morning with strength in ags, shipping, brokers, metals and fins while weakness in real estate, semis, homies, trannies and junk.

NYSE/NAZ flat internals;



VIX - flat at 36.65;

TRIN .92 with volume about equal on both sides;

Bought some DBA this morning as the chart looks good and I decided to be on the same side of the trade as Gartman- also bought some QID - as the NQ appears to be the weakest of the major indexes - and looking to add as I agree with KASS - good news now seems to baked in the equity cake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave I'm with you on QID, I've started my position on the ramp from Wednesday and Yesterday. I'm willing to add more if we go up next week. Probability wise should be on short side. The ONLY PROBLEM, it look like we might close up 8th fu**ing week in a row (unless we totally sell off in a hurry today)! And whoever trade the "probability" early, is getting fu**ed... I started this week, I hope we don't go 12 or 13 week up straight, or I'll be also the victim of the "probability" trade too...

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