Not sure what juiced the market this AM but up it goes as the SPX is +9, DJIA +80 and the NAZ +16.

Strong sectors- banks, biotech, energy, drugs, materials and telecom while homies, metals, retail and real estate lag.

NYSE- 900 net winners;

NAZ- 1100 net winners;

SPX- 388 green and 105 red;


VIX- down 3.5% at 27.5;

Markets are higher after the afternoon come back yesterday and lots of folks probably feeling stronger than ever about buying dips- even though the markets are over bought again - in light of this mornings move higher.

I sold some SSO purchased yesterday and looking to buy some back at lower prices maybe $27.5 level - also wouldn't mind some XLF or IYF.

Weird discussion on CNBC about ETF's - they talk all day about the DJIA and SPX and now there appears to be something amiss with owning the SPY or DIA - ?