Markets have flipped back to green after filling all kinds of gaps - and the TICKS - very high TICKS in the last few moments which I see some very good traders are fading- my theory - buy the pullbacks today instead of fading the high ticks.

Strong sectors- materials, metals, energy, retail and trannies while telecom, ags, banks, biotech and brokers lag.

NYSE-800 net winners;

NAZ- 200 net green;

SPX 310 green;

NDX - 65 green;

VIX- down 2% at 25.7;

NYSE Volume - up about 2x the down;

Crude and gold up a bit.

Markets have gone straight up the last hour and I am looking for pull backs - SSO QLD- not much more to type- just seems like a buy the dip day to this fish.


Anonymous JJ said...

Buy the dip day indeed. Just can't have the markets closing down on a day that the owners of the US report blow out earnings. I am surprised we are not having a 9:1 upside follow through day.

3:37 PM  

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