Equity futures are trading higher but off their best levels as they took a hit on the release of the ADP survey which showed the private sector lost 473kl jobs which was much worse than expected.

ES +3.5;

NQ +9.5;

YM +33;

- crude higher, dollar lower. gold/silver higher and nat gas down.

After the late day rally yesterday - equities are in the middle of their RSI (2) levels as follows:

SPX 45;


NAZ 54

NDX 52

It looks to this fish like some money will be coming into equities today as folks want in on this big bull market- as the SPX is +1.8% for they year, the DJIA -3.8% AND THE NAZ +16.4% AND THE NDX+21.9%- so its clearly a question of where one has been hiding to determine ytd performance-

And C upgrades BAC to it aggressive growth list.


Hard to believe more problems at BAC;

Mortgage App collapse;

The CASE Shiller 100 year chart;

More drug co problems probably lie ahead;

Ruth looks to be off the hook;

C looking to make money any way possible;


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