I will not be trading today or tomorrow but a few things about this market seem pretty obvious -

1) The market is moving up every day with hardly ever a rest because equities got far too cheap at the generational lows of March 2009- investors were pricing in a depression and now its clear thats not going to happen;

2) The market knows nothing as prices are a function of whats in front of a traders/investors nose- what will be in 6 months the markets nor investors haven't a clue;

3) No one knows the entire impact of the government programs on the economy - but its pretty clear that if the banks were not "saved" by the government the markets and the economy would be in a far different place- not much play on bubblevsion about that or from Rick Santelli - just let them fail was the mantra from the right - I doubt that would have worked out very well for investors or the country.


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The banks might be getting healthier but they are far from out of the woods yet. Go over to CalculatedRisk and check out the list of "Problem Banks" Bill posted. We lost three more this week.

Go Gators!

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