Markets had an interesting week as the SPX was basically unchanged while there was wide volatility as the range for the week was about 23 points- well maybe not so volatile for the week but each day had significant volatility.

Usually as the markets become more volatile there is a good chance that the direction will change- so looking for that and also mindful of the fact that folks want to find entry points as many have missed the big move up-

This fish looking for a move to the EMA 20 near 1006- as that line has been excellent support since the middle of July.

The TRIN has been a hot button of late as I have found it to be fairly useless of late as the low priced stocks of BAC C FRE FNM skew it in which ever way they trade- huge follow to very few stocks makes a adv/dec volume indicator kind of useless- and here is Dr. Brett with his recent take on the subject.

Cerberus Fund with a few redemption issues.

MORN with their take on the soup of economic recovery.

Mark Sanford back in the news.

More problems for Chris Christie.

One other thing- all the right wing twitter/bloggers aghast about this bill on a cyber security emergency- but never a word about the prior wiretapping and eavesdropping- who would have thought.