Equity markets closed higher led by the DJIA and the SPX while tech lagged. The big story of the day was probably the dollar which sank another 1% - a big move and surprisingly small move in the tech heavy NDX in light of the move by the dollar.

Strongest sectors- gaming, reits, oil service, brokers and real estate while airlines, biotech, homies and retail lagged.

NYSE- 1250 net green;

NAZ- 430 net green;


SPX - 301 GREEN;

VIX- down 3.6% at 23.2 and about 2.5% below the SMA 10.

RSI 2 levels as follows:

SPX - 80

DJIA -76

NAZ -95

NDX- 96

RUT -85

Pretty extended numbers on the RSI list - so maybe a choppy to down day tomorrow- big sell off not all the likely for now- EWA EWC EWZ EEM all mentioned yesterday all acting well today- seems like a low risk area to invest - and one can even hedge the SPY against it if one prefers that game.


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