Got my hands on the Wellington Letter which is written by Bert Dohmen- and it was a pretty good read- here is one of his bullish points on gold:

"With the huge 200 ton purchase of gold by the Bank of India, it is clear that the central banks will not sell their gold but accumulate more, quietly. Large investment pools and the wealthy around the world will also accelerate diversification into the yellow metal as a flight to safety from the disastrous policies coming out of Washington. Gold is better than paper. It is a scarce commodity. All the gold ever mined in the world in history will fit in two Olympic swimming pools. The quantity of paper is only limited by the number of trees."

Barrons with some decent stuff this weekend including an article on cheap dividend paying stocks - such as:

STD PE of 10.6 and 4.2% yield;

CVX PE of 10.1 and 3.5% yield;

INTC PE of 13.2 and 3.3% yield;

JNJ PE of 12.7 and 3.14% yield;

MRK PE of 10.2 and 4.3% yield;

WMT PE of 13.8 and 3.2% yield;

And BESPOKE with their look at yields on the SP 500;

An interesting look at TV;

Finally, I bet she didn't write it and he didn't read it - but good amusement anyway;


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