Lots of important stuff happening today - beatles, the Prince, Rangel and probably even more stuff but I am going to focus on the crushing of the equity markets.

As I type - SPX -21, DJIA -205 and the NAZ -45.

Internals as ugly as they get:

SPX 17/482;

NDX 4/96;

NYSE 2655 net losers;

RUT 175/1665;

RSI 2 levels - most major indexes @/near 2;

10 year note unchanged at 2.911%;

VIX +13% @ 22.8 and about 17% above the SMA 10;

SPX about 10 points above the SMA 50 @1165.

Gold/commodities crushed as the dollar rips higher +.9% on the DXY @79.39- the highest level since the end of September.

I bought some stuff higher and hanging on for now as I suspect a bounce coming shortly - although a close today at /near the lows would not surprise- so may add at end of day.


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Equities jumped to session highs as Ben Bernanke's testimony before the Joint Economic Committee assured investors of the Fed's intent to maintain its current policy course....


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