The markets are ripping higher out of the gate as tech, trannies, brokers and metals lead while lagging are internets and oils. I also don't see any great enthusiasm for semiconductors as the SMH is up thirty cents and way below the recent highs over $35.

Market internals are very strong with 1,500 more winners than losers on NYSE and 1,200 more winners than losers on the NAZ.

And what is with CNBC, Pisani, the great contrarian indicator come out and says folks are selling oils and buying techs, well on my screens OIH is green and the SMH is up 25 cents; then Ratigan comes on TV and says metals are selling off while on the bug above and on my screens, Gold is up on the day.

The question I have is why do we watch these guys and how often are there teleprompters updated. I guess we all watch because we feel we will miss something if we don't. Watching has never made me any money and their teleprompters are obviously on some kind of delay.


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