Markets closed tomorrow but oil markets opening this afternoon so someone can trade the oil markets and help the CME make some money as others may suffer.

And how about that GOP keeping Dubya and Cheney away from the Minn. Why wouldn't anyone want Cheney to go?

Speaking of suffering- check the returns on various indexes/widely held stocks for the first 8 months of 2008:

SPX -12.6%

DJIA -13%

NAZ -10.7%

RUT -3.5%

MID -5%

XLE -5.9%

OIH -2.7%

XLF -26%

BKX -25.5%

XBD -27%





AAPL -14.4%

C -35.5%

CME -51.1%

EFA -19%

EWA -17.2%

GE -24.2%

GOOG -33%

GS -23.8%

NYX -53.8%


WMT +24.3%

XOM -14.6%

Also some interesting ytd numbers on some pretty pretty well known mutual funds:

CMGFX -11.43%; (Heebner)

DODGX -14.5%; (Dodge Cox)

FAIRX - FLAT; (Berkowitz)

FLVCX -5.78; (fido leveraged)

LLPFX -12.2%; (Longleaf's Hawkins)

LMVTX -28.29%; (Legg's Bill Miller)

MXXIX - 17.2%; (Marsico)

OAKBX - FLAT; (Oakmark Balanced)

OAKLX -9.03%; (Nygren)

PRWCX -1.1%; (TR Price Cap Ap)

TAVFX -15.67% (Third Ave Whitman)

WGRNX -13.3% (Wintergreen)

WWNPX -23.88% (Kinetics)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how is the SHARK portfolio doing?

7:52 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

hanging in - down a bit on the year but every year can't be great like the guys from Anonymous

9:01 AM  
Blogger A100 said...

I've tried numerous times to sign up but when I try to post the second time the site won't let me back on.

I enjoy reading your daily updates. They sometimes reafirmes trends that I'm seeing but they always make me think. You did make me a few bucks with an APPL trade a while back.

A fund manager on CNBC was touting that his fund was up 6%. I'm disappointed with my +4.8% but feel better seeing how others are doing.

Go Gators!

7:42 PM  
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