Another crummy day in the books as the markets closed near the lows with the DJIA -240, NAZ -49 and SPX -25- The RUT was worse - down 2.3%.

No strong sectors - as all closed red with gaming, banks, financials, homies, real estate and steel doing the worse.

NYSE/NAZ 3200 net losers;

NDX/OEX- 10 winners among the 200 stocks;

VIX- higher by 11.5% at near 21 and above the SMA 10 after being about 8% below on Friday- message of the market- gotta be quick.

Total volume very weak again at 860M with 7X the down volume as up;

Gold down $6, Crude higher by $.60 cents and the EURO ends at/near 1.475;

SPX ends at 1267 level and this time the 1255 50% retracement area may be tagged- and after that- well who knows but recent high is 1310 and low is 1200- and FWIW- most big down days followed by up days and vice versa- Turnaround Tuesday?


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