A few things this morning- first- never realized how controversial Bob Brinker was- he made some nice calls in 2000 and 2003 - but apparently folks aren't happy with his recent timing. Check out these blogs that follow his stuff- and apparently he also isn't happy with bloggers who quote him or discuss his prior record:

And now on to Ron Insana- Ron is folding the tent on his fund of funds hedge fund- after 14 months - why? according to the letter
"our current level of assets under management, coupled with the extraordinary difficult capital raising environment, make it imprudent for Insana Capital Partners L.P. to continue business operations."

Haven't heard anything of this on CNBC- nor a mention that he is gone as a "contributor" and will be working for Stevie Cohen at SAC Capital. Not sure what a guy like Ron has to offer Stevie Cohen.

Oh- and futures this morning- trading up but well off their best levels while crude is up another $2 to $116+
Trading up on the DJIA - HPQ GM BAC INTC HD XOM- lower are AA C JNJ BA VZ- all on light volume.


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