Leaving early as enough is enough for today as the markets get going down and turn around and vice versa- GE is halted and shoots higher and reverses lower- tomorrow - no idea.

Started trading TWM this morning - stopped out- made a little on UYG and that was about it.

DJIA had a 230 point round trip move while the SPX move was a mere 27 - NAZ /NDX very weak all day as was the RUT. And if it weren't for IBM the DJIA would be in the green and unfortuneately for the IBM longs- its on the DO NOT SHORT - so no short covering relief.

VIX- hanging in near 40;

Crude $99;

GOLD- $877;

EURO- probably at pretty good support 140;

Tomorrow another day and hopefully less whippy.

And if you havent seen the Jon Stewart clip- check it out;


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That John Stewart clip is funny. Last night his monologue re Monday's market and congress - was devastating. (And funny too.) I don't know if it has been posted yet, but if you missed it, it is certainly worth seeing.

6:01 PM  

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