Futures up again this morning with the SPX FUTS trading about 10 points over fair value- Jim Cramer now turning bullish after telling us what to buy at DJIA 5320- lets see how he arrived at his new bullish take after the market ramped 40 + SPX points:

3-9-2009- WHAT TO BUY IN THE DOW (8.00 AM) (when it hits 5,320);

3-9-2009 - LET IT BOUNCE-(10.36PM) (not sure what he was saying in this article);

3-9-2009- NO RALLY WITHOUT A REAL BANK PLAN (11.56PM)( no rally without a plan from Geithner) ;

3-9-2009- TECH's SLAUGHTER LEADS US LOWER (1.34PM)( we have no idea when it will end);

3-9-2009- NO SILVER LINING- (3.52PM)( I ask myself as I started my show on Friday night, Am I too negative? And the answer is No!);

3-10-2009 -(1.59 PM) THE BEARS OVERREACH- ( Did Roubini and Whitney overstep- The people who have been most right take the bridge too far. These two did it - And we get our rally);

3-10-2009-(2.57PM) HERE COMES THE RALLY- ( I'm going with Doug Kass. He says this rally is different. I say the facts are different. Over and over again I have said I will get more positive when something positive happens and when stocks are low enough that they factor in the worst case.) ;

3-10-2009 - THE UPSIDE IS REAL -(4.10PM) ( analysts who were thinking of joining the sell cavalcade of the PG HPQ WMT analysts will think again. THOSE GUY LOOK REAL STUPID. );

3-10-2009 - (4.57) I know a lot of people doubted Doug Kass but can I say that you can have ten lifetime subscriptions if you bought yesterday's sell-off and Doug's conviction never waivered.

3-10-2009 -(4.57PM) PIECES ARE FALLING INTO PLACE- ( a market that's much higher seems like a given);

Please tell me that someone can actually write this stuff and then tell us Jon Stewart is the comedian.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Talk about bipolar. lol Would love to see him get roasted on his BAC call.

9:21 AM  

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