Futures markets are trading way higher after the big ramp into the close yesterday. ES futures higher by 9.5 indicating an SPX open near 820 or about 8 points below yesterdays highs and near the area where the big sell off began.

A few interesting articles this morning starting with some Turnaround Tim stuff:

Prime time Tim in MW;

Why the street loves TIM in Forbes;

PPT action yesterday?;

Colbert + Stewart = Cronkite?;

Could it really be him?;

Been there heard that before;

BESPOKE on the fiddy;

The value of the MBA;

The SUBSCRIPTION Stocktwits;

Why don't we get THIS news in the MSM?;

Gold is up $2 to about $936 and crude is higher by about a buck at $53.7.

If this economy is turning around and I have no clue if it is, and anyone who tells you they know is a liar, a good place to be will be commodities and can be played via DBA DBC or JJG. With a printing press, improving economies around the world - its hard to see how commodity prices won't be driven higher - much higher.


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