There it was - Gary Shilling claims CNBC talking heads are bullish - shocker - and therefore sentiment is positive - let him tell me when they are all bearish-

SPX closed up 30 at 907 and the NAZ +44 at 1764 while the DJIA was up a mere 214 at 9427.

Strongest sectors- banks, fins, shipping, real estate, homies and energy while junk, ags, internets and drugs lagged.

NYSE- 2100 net winners;

NAZ- 1500 net winners;

NDX/OEX-175 GREEN shoots;

VIX- down 2.5% at 34.5;

TRIN- .28 with up volume 20x the down;

Everyone excited with SPX solidly over the 900 level and RSI (2) levels at near 98 on ES NQ YM - so not that much higher it can go- and was there any doubt that this market was going to close at the highs today-

This fish- got long SSO in the final hour and did ok with that- and sold some longs DIG - and keeping it tight on other material longs such as FCX -

Anyone for Turnaround Tuesday?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call on the ramp up to closing.

Go Gators

4:39 PM  

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