One of the wackiest days in a long time as the Markets closed near their best levels as the SPX was +16, NAZ +5 and the DJIA +102.

Strongest sectors- banks, fins, energy, metals, shipping and real estate while homies, biotech, retail and drugs lagged.

NYSE- 1200 net green;

NAZ- 220 net green;

SPX - 288 209;

RUT - 963 886 ;



VIX - down one point at 32.4;

TRIN .71- with up volume about 3x the down and heavy;

Futures ramping in the after hours as folks seem to be happy with CSCO - not sure what brings the end to this rally but - yikes - it just seems to never stop what ever the news - just like in Feb when it refused to stop going down regardless of the news.

Just doing the day trading thing for now and have some longs which I keep forcing my self not to sell- today UYM was a break even and SSO was a little bit of a money maker.

And FWIW the markets are over bought again as always and supposedly Whitney has a new sell on the financials - lets see if she has any juice after the break with Oppenheimer - which was near the bottom in the fins.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey David......Guess who's back

Dylan is going head to head with Haynes in the 9 to 11 time slot.

No more money parties tho.

Go Gators

9:25 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

well not sure MSNBC does big crowds in that timeslot - they usually do well with Keith and Rachel

11:09 AM  

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