Equity futures markets trading up as usual - and its the end of the month- however please be careful as the ES futs are a hair under old resistance at 914 and of course that level is also the weekly R1- and of course that is a bit above the high of the morning on the ES.

In addition- RSI (2) levels getting extended to the North and they have been a pretty good tell over this recent trading range:

ES 77;

NQ 88;

YM 72;

TF 76;

Gold/Silver/Ag commodities all ripping higher again this morning while the dollar has sunk under the 80 level on the DXY - EURO 141 and the # 1.61.

Gold -$977;

Silver -$15.5;

Crude- $66.2

In the news- MS upgraded to a $36 target;

Tim with an OIH target;

Trader Mike - on the range;

No recovery over here;

And who is driving the optimism;

538 on where the Hispanic vote matters;

Nutty/Grumpy old men;


Anonymous JJ said...

Hi ya David,

Long time regular reader here with a small request. When you post links, could you please put in a small blurb saying what the link is about. e.g. instead of the second link reading just "Optimism" (two links with the word in today's post), you could indicate it is gold related. This way your reader would know if the link is of interest to them before clicking on it. Thanks and keep up the good work.

8:56 AM  
Blogger DAVID said...

sorry about that and sure

12:09 PM  

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