Futures look to be opening lower with ES -3, NQ -6 and YM -36.

The dollar is moving up and is currently at 80.8 higher by 1.22%.

Left a bit early on Friday and didn't see the close but I did see the rip on the reuters news at 14.44- that boosted the markets- "Mousavi wins Iranian election with 65%, according to close aide"- Well not really or maybe really but not gonna happen-

The markets still generally overbought with RSI (2) levels as follows:

SPX 82


RUT 63

NAZ 56

NDX 25

Weekend stuff:

Barrons- their gurus- what they think now-

Hickey - bullish on GDX GLD AEM AUY MSFT and INTC;

Gabelli- bullish on LM ORLY VIA/B and USM;

Zulauf- EEM EWH EWS XME OIH XLE (GLD when it gets down to $850);

Schaefer- Long MV and Short PCL;

Black- BWP CALM;

Cohen- HESS and Lenovo Group (Hong Kong);

Gross- C and BCS bonds;

MacAllaster- BAC PL;

Faber- longs a bunch of stocks from Singapore and Thailand and EWJ- and short US Treas;

Witmer- Long MSFT;

I am long gold and MSFT and the rest no idea;

From the blogosphere:

FARI with some bearish stuff;

A random walk down Madison Ave.- pretty ugly;

But Houses most affordable since the 60's;

VIX+MORE- with his FIBS;

DR. BRETT and how all boats not being lifted;

Jason on some specs betting on a higher VIX;

TICKERSENSE- on the earnings bottom;

BESPOKE- on the stocks over the SMA 50;


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