Equity futures are trading lower as I type - 7.5PM est on Sunday night:

ES -3.25;

NQ -6.5;

YM -25;

And believe it or not the RSI (2) levels are trading near the middle as the big ramp and over extended priced from Friday morning have been worked of- RSI (2) levels on futures as follows:

ES 41

NQ 51

YM 57

Gold and silver up a hair at $958 and $15.36 respectively;

Jason- who had some great tweets last week showing the surge in lotto;

Adam with the latest from Lenny and the real great one;

More talk on what is wrong with the employment numbers;

What wil Kenny boy say now;

Trader Mike with some good stuff;

Barclays with a fully valued GS MS - not sure how they would know;

In world news lots of folks predicted a Hezbollah victory in Lebanon but it looks not to be;


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