FWIW I get a copy of the Gartman letter every once in a while and am kind of surprised by the political nonsense he tosses around-

First I know he is a terrific trader and generally hedges all his positions like long DBA and short GOLD or long L and GS with a short of BRK.A - and these have worked out for him.

He also has country plays - as he is long EWA EWC and EWZ while being short the English speaking commodity importing countries- so far so good with those 3 ETF's far outperforming EFA and SPY.

My issue - he throws mud at Obama, Gheitner and the dems for not defending the dollar and watching it in free fall - of course while dubya was in charge - not a word and check the chart - the dollar index was far lower under the Bush (2) then it is now under Obama- FWIW.

And some quick links:

Crossing the SMA 200 is a big deal;

Oil up 99% in 75 days;

The Serious side of the GM bankruptcy;

I still love this page;

And of course the divergence in the FINS;


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