Lots of interesting stuff this weekend and none of it that bullish-

What a great site - in case you thought things were a bit to cheerful;

The new normal for car sales - also not that bullish;

Prime foreclosures and re-defaults ahead;

Lending markets - not so healthy;

Some ytd numbers on what were at one time - pretty good buy and hold mutual funds:

ARTQX +10.3%;

EGLRX +46.8%;

FAGIX +26.3%

FAIRX +12.1%;

FLVCX +23.4%;

PRWCX +12%;

TAVFX +22.2%;

VGPMX +36%;

WGRNX +9.7%

Also note the SPX +1.8% on the year while the DJIA is down 3.1% and the NAZ+12.5%- so lots of out performance by most funds and the DJIA is really pretty bad.

Other interesting ytd info:

FAX +29.1%;

EWA +17.5%;

EWC +36.7%;

EWZ +59%;

EFA +5.7%;

GS +72%;

MS +89%;

IAI +28%;

XLF -2.7%;

XLE +7.8%

OIH +45%;

Pretty clear the USA was not the place to be as Brazil, Canada and Australia were far better and even Europe was better although much worse than the others mentioned.


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