Not a pretty close for the bulls as equity markets gave back much of the early gains- the SPX +4, NAZ +11 and the DJIA +57.

Strong sectors- metals, small caps, trannies, semis and real estate while junk, internets, biotech and banks lagged.

NYSE- 1400 net winners;

NAZ- 1000 net winners;



VIX- flattish at 26.25;

Up volume almost 2x the down on not quite 1B shares traded.

Oil lower gold higher dollar down EURO UP;

Had a nice trade in the morning buying the dip but never reentered as the long side seemed to be losing momentum all afternoon- and for anyone interested - check the 20 EMA on a 5 minute chart of the ES- usually a pretty good tell of which side of the index to trade- check it out.

My UNG trade- not so good so far - but I am looking to buy more on lower prices -

Trading tomorrow probably range bound and light - and with RSI (2) levels near 60 on major indexes - and stochastic in the middle of the range - with the SPX - well not to exciting.


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