Markets did what they usually do on day like this -close at/near the highs with the SPX +27, NAZ +63 and the DJIA +257.

Strongest sectors- Brazil, materials, metals, semis, homies, banks and techs while bonds, drugs, junk, retail and trannies lagged.

NYSE- 2450 net green;

NAZ- 1700 net green;

SPX - 477 GREEN;


VIX - higher by 3% at 25.9- VERY STRANGE;

TRIN- .35- with up volume about 25x the down and heavy at 1.4b shares.

Everyone asking if the rally has legs- - prediction from this fish -- SPX 899 before SPX 1075- out on the limb-

Markets over bought and way so - try to take some off before the week ends as the jobs number is coming up and we are bound to have some ugly earnings numbers- and of course talk of health care and another stimulus- straight up highly doubtful.


Blogger ex_wirehouse said...

I am liking the 899 prior to 1075 call, bear market and nobody gets out alive, tiring tape none the less

4:18 PM  
Blogger DAVID said...

y I think that is a pretty easy call- problem will be No one will want to buy the dip AS USUAL

4:26 PM  

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