Equity futures are trading near the flat line after being much higher earlier this morning- Oil is up a bit while nat gas is down and gold is up at $957.

The dollar is down at 78.58 while the EURO is up at 1.428.

My short term take is the SPX will challenge the 1,000 area as markets love to hit the round numbers - like a stock trading at 98- not much of a chance it won't hit par - same with the SPX-

The Tour De France finished this weekend and not much animosity between Lance and Contador - oh no- Lance is starting a RSH team next year and my guess his main objective is to find someone to beat Contador- I don't think Lance thinks he can beat him - but Schleck or someone else under Lance's tutelage - could be.

BESPOKE with the word on stocks above their SMA 50- and its a lot but not record like.

Barry with a wonderful linkfest;

Market Sci with some work on the RSI 2- and speaking of over bought indicators.


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