Here we go with the usual -good earnings numbers are moving the futures higher yet again - leading the earnings parade CAT +9.4% and MRK/DD both up about 2.5% in the pre markets.

ES +3.25;

NQ +3;

YM +38;

Of course it is also turnaround Tuesday - so careful as market are even more overbought with RSI 2 levels at/near 100 on most major indexes- IT WILL NOT CONTINUE at those levels- I don't think- (it won't).

Some good links:

Dr. Brett on the laggards;

BAC with more stuff to come;

Dougie with some surprise updates;

7 reasons housing isn't bottoming;

Some good news on high yield spreads;

Winners and losers in the world of employment;

NAZ going for 10 days in a row;

BTW- I have some QQQQ's and some UWM all going to be sold today - no matter what- can always buy back and intend to buy back AT LOWER PRICES.


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